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Cloud and complexity in IT

Moln, cloud och ett varför. ”Cloud and complexity in IT” Ny rapport på MIT. 

-Organizations are looking to the cloud to innovate, to be agile, and to move faster—but not all are making their moves as fast as they had planned. Those organizations find themselves hampered by the complexity of integrating cloud services and on-premises systems; fragile, difficult-to-change architecture; and a lack of sufficient funding.

-The 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting mass migration of entire workforces to remote locations, has highlighted the need to enable IT infrastructure that is responsive to swiftly changing environmental conditions.

-Cloud strategies look radically different at different organizations. For existing applications that live on-premises, for example, some organizations make minor changes; others turn to cloud applications instead or build wholly new, cloud-native apps. And the technologies that buoy cloud strategies are equally diverse, spanning application programming interfaces, containers, microservices, and more.


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