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Digital Change Management

Digitalization is also taking hold in manufacturing. In this segment, digitalization has been in the market for around 5 years. It has already become a major contributor in manufacturing. However, since it is still in its early days, the pace is low. This is one reason why the average growth rate of new applications is high.

There are several areas in which digitalization is driving growth of this segment. First of all, there is the use of advanced technology in factories. The adoption of robots is one area which is driving up digitalization in manufacturing. It has also increased the use of robotics in the supply chain and production lines.

Secondly, digitalization is taking place in the software sector. This segment also drives up the use of software in manufacturing. This is due to its ability to automate the process and reduce costs.

Thirdly, digitalization is also taking place in e-commerce. It has been taking the shape of a seamless experience, with the user in the driving seat of every step, from entering the site through the search engine, to visiting the product page, shopping, and ultimately purchasing.

Finally, the online marketing and sales are getting a significant boost from the advent of social media sites, online marketing tools, and e-commerce channels.

These days, even online retailers are looking for a way to enhance customer experience, improve the speed and accuracy of communication, and provide the customers with high-quality and reliable services.

There is a real opportunity for the online retailers to enhance their customer experience, make it more convenient for their customers, and provide them with better services and products. They have to keep pace with changing technology, evolving trends, and emerging market segments and needs.


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