Boktips. Hjärnan och din hälsa.

Läser ”Keep Sharp” och får en repetition av vad som är receptet. Några enkla saker som får din hjärna att funka bättre:

Pillar No. 1: Move
Movement increases, repairs, and maintains brain cells, and – as an extra bonus – makes you more productive and alert throughout the day.

Pillar No. 2: Discover
.. the brain strengthens every time it’s challenged to learn a new language or a new piece of software or faced with picking up a new hobby, such as painting or digital photography.

Pillar No. 3: Relax
avoiding long naps and sticking to schedule, waking up to early morning light rather than to alarms… he suggests meditation and mindfulness, volunteering, laughing, forgiving, expressing gratitude, decluttering and singletasking. All in all, he concludes, only “a well-rested brain is a healthy brain.”

Pillar No. 4: Nourish
SHARP. S: Slash the sugar, H: Hydrate smartly, A: Add more omega-3, R: Reduce portions, P: Plan ahead

Pillar No. 5: Connect
It seems that nothing protects one from life’s discontents or helps in delaying mental and physical decline as much as families and friends.

Av Sanjay Gupta

#mindfulness #gratitude #hälsa

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