Att vara klok och bjuda på erfarenheter. Detta är något som är en inre drivkraft i oss alla.

När ett nytt år står och väntar börjar man att tänka. Vad gör jag? Vad ska jag göra? Vad kan jag göra?

En av de bättre listorna som jag sett är den från Shane Rodgers. I hans bloggpost The career advice I wish I had at 25 ger han hos goda råd som en 50-åring bara kan göra.

Några tips till oss alla. Gott Nytt År.

I mitt 2019 tar jag med mig:

5. In the workforce, always act like you are 35
If you are smart and competent, step up and do whatever you are capable of doing in a mature way.

6. Management is about people, not things
Sometimes we need to celebrate the competence of the masses not the superpowers of the elite. As managers, we are not managing things, we are empowering people and making the best use of whatever it is they bring to the table.

7. Genuinely listen to others
In almost every case, our own people already know the answers. We need to avoid letting familiarity blind us to the talent sitting around us.

9. Recognise that staff are people with finite emotional capacity
If we learn to carry people when they most need it, we become a stronger community and we empower people in ways that we probably can’t imagine when we are young

10. Don’t just network with people your own age
In fact their networking should be about meeting useful mentors and career champions who can open doors and fast track careers. Similarly, older, successful people shouldn’t just sit in musty clubs talking about the 1970s.

12. Take the time to understand what your business does
Don’t wait for someone to tell you or lament that internal communication is crap. Find out for yourself.

14. Work in an office where you have friends
I realise now that work is much better if you are among friends. The happiest people are those who do things they are passionate about with people they really like.

16. Recognise that failure is learning
“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”
Takes some risks. Sometimes failing spectacularly is the best evidence that we are alive,

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