AI Agents – Beyond Generative AI. đź”´ webinar 

AI agents are transforming business operations by automating tasks, making decisions, and learning from data. These intelligent systems enhance efficiency, scalability, and provide real-time analytics, making them invaluable for large organizations. Key strategies for successful implementation include starting with small projects, ensuring continuous learning, and seamless integration into existing systems.

For a deeper dive into how AI agents can transform your business, join our recorded webinar here and stay tuned for the latest podcast episode on Effekten.

AI agents bring numerous benefits, such as improved efficiency by automating routine tasks, better scalability by handling large volumes of work, and enhanced decision-making through data-driven insights. However, organizations must navigate challenges like managing expectations, ensuring proper expertise, and achieving seamless integration with existing systems.

By understanding these benefits and challenges, businesses can better leverage AI agents to stay competitive and drive innovation.

Join our webinar to explore practical examples, expert advice, and strategies for implementing AI agents successfully in your organization. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of AI.

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  • Joakim Wahlqvist: LinkedIn
    CTO Data & AI, Sogeti Global Portfolio
  • Arun Sahu: LinkedIn
    Global Technology Lead Data and AI, Sogeti
  • Karl Fridlycke: LinkedIn
    Generative AI & Digital Transformation, Sogeti
  • Jonas Jaani: LinkedIn
    Team Lead, Sogeti Sweden / Podcast Producer – Effekten podcast
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